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A Scenic Hike: Ravenscar to Stoupe Beck

Join us for this scenic stroll

Beach below Ravenscar with sky reflection in Rockpool
Beach below Ravenscar

This walk is one of my absolute favourites to enjoy through the seasons, let me show you the way.

We completed this hike on Sunday 14th January- photos from this walk

We parked up along Raven Hall Road, Ravenscar, YO13 0NA. From here there is the most stunning view across the valley towards Robin Hoods Bay. There is quite a long stretch of free parking bays and there are National Park run, public toilets which ask for donations (these appear to be open day time throughout the year).

colourful National Cyle Network Sign at Ravenscarb
National Cyle Network Sign at Ravenscar

Once we'd wrapped up warm, we set off. First joining the National Cycle Network trail heading North with the sea on our right. Passing the National Trust Information Centre along an old brick path which runs parallel to the cinder track (the old railway line between Scarborough and Whitby). The view from here is stunning...

view towards Robin hoods Bay across the fields and blue sky
View towards Robin Hoods Bay

From here the footpath forks and we take the right junction sign posted The Cleveland Way, the path winds downwards through woodland, making it's way towards the cliff tops. Our dog Penny was enjoying roaming around under the trees. Once the ground levels out, you reach the old, disused alum works. This site was one of Britain’s earliest chemical works, where locally quarried shale was processed to create alum, a chemical used to fix dyes in the cloth industry. All that remains now are some old remains and a couple of information boards.

Our walk continues across a rather wet field (Penny safely on her lead as there were young sheep) and onto the cliff top path. We've had a lot of rain fall recently and so it was a muddy affair, I did feel like I was ice skating on mud in a few places. This is much drier path to enjoy in spring and summer with less rain running off the hill.

Cliff top view of scars on the beach and blue sky
Cliff top view of scars

We had carefully checked the tide times for this walk to ensure we didn't get stranded, the view from here at low tide means the scars (hard layers of rock stretching out to sea) are clear to see. The blue sky and sunshine were lovely to enjoy however the wind blowing straight off the North Sea was bitter on your cheeks. Spot the old concrete look out from WWII clinging to the cliff.

concrete WWII look out on edge of cliff
WWII look out on cliff edge

We continued on, it's approx 2.5 miles until you reach Stoupe beck, meeting a road, turn right, passing two small farms, and then take the steps down to the beach at the inlet Stoup Beck.

The beach changes regularly with the tide at Stoupe Beck but there is usually a pebbly tide mark and below this a good stretch of sandy beach. This makes for a lovely spot for picnics and paddling in the sea in warmer months.

Once on the beach, we could see families and couples enjoying the fresh air, most presumably having walked south from Robin Hoods Bay along the beach. Our walk takes us right, back on ourselves, towards Ravenscar. From here, the next exit point on the beach is on the nab, right at the end of the beach so please take care, if walked at the wrong time, you will be cut off by the rising tide.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for fossils and Whitby Jet as you walk along the beach. You never know which treasures you might find. There are a couple of waterfalls onto the beach, they were quite spectacular on our walk but do sometimes dry up during summer. Watch out for rock falls, they can be unpredictable.

pebbles on the beach at Ravenscar
Ravenscar beach

As you reach the base of Ravenscar, the rocks become more slippery as they as usually underwater. We popped Penny back on the lead here, hidden around the corner is a seal colony, home for up to 300 seals. There are some wonderful volunteers here helping to monitor and protect them. Make sure you give the seals plenty of space, keep quiet and keep dogs on a lead so not scare them while they rest and sleep.

Around the corner of the cliff, you'll see the steps leading back up the cliff to Ravenscar. The path is steep and I like to catch my breath as I take in the stunning views. Follow the path through the Raven Hall Hotel golf course as it winds back up to Raven Hall Road and where you're parked.

green bench with a view over the beach and Robin Hoods bay
Bench with the best view

Join us for another local walk soon, when we'll explore more of the Yorkshire Coast.

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