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Elf Girl Model

Elf Girl Model


Lovi Elf Girl ’s braids swoosh in the wind and the heels of her shoes are clopping eagerly as it skitters to new adventures. In the winter blizzards, the this brisk little girl stays warm when the hat is pressed tightly on her head and the dress is well buttoned.


Lovi Elf Girl is the perfect companion for the Lovi Elf. Place these two to sit together on the mantel to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, keep an eye on the preparations progress from the windowsill, or accompany the darkening evenings into the nursery.


Send little girl elf to surprise your friends, or order a lovely little detail for your own Christmas decor. 

  • Product Info

    Dimensions- 8 x 3.7cm

    Made in Finland from eco-friendly birch plywood. 

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